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Ayurvedic Yoga
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“There are those who settle for doing their job by routine, and those who maintain their integrity and sense of purpose, and touch you to the core with healing hands…”

“I can’t believe how much we all learned in just two weeks and what an incredibly unique and effective art of massage it is. I found your teaching style really easy to follow and was so grateful for your gentle approach and excellent support to all of us throughout the course”

Lucy Reetoraz – Bristol

“I was overwhelmed by James methodical, calm and detailed teachings. His knowledge of the physiology of the body and his own experience blended so brilliantly with the way this course was laid out. I felt a trust that I would go away with a high level of training on par with my fellow wonderful peers on the course with me. A time I will never forget and am so grateful to James. “

Eleni Kryicacou – London

I enjoyed every bit of the massage course! James is an absolutely fantastic teacher to say the least! It is very rare to find a teacher with such deep knowledge, technique and experience who teaches with such great passion and heart. He is incredibly compassionate and an absolute inspiration! Thank you, James for this wonderful learning. I would definitely recommend my friends and colleagues to do the course with James.

Reshma Datar – Goa

James AYM course awakens you on every level, kick starting a process which reverberates through every cell. Giving and receiving every day brings you into a heightened awareness of where blocks are held and James holds the perfect space to explore this ancient yet simple way to undo tensions and open to a brighter shinier reality. I really like James teaching method, instilling calm confidence through gentle repetitive touch.

Peta Wilkinson – Brighton

Don’t need many words to explain this course. It was amazing! This was my first massage course and before the training I had never given a proper massage – straight after I started to give a lot of sessions. In two weeks I got a new profession! James is an amazing teaching – so much knowledge and experience but still very ”down-to-earth” and grounded.

Josephine Bengtsson – Stockholm 

Training in AYM was the perfect way for me to reactivate my confidence and skill as a massage practitioner after a decade’s break from the massage profession. It is an entirely new way of working for me and I found James’ teaching accessible, fun, practical and thorough. James clearly has a deep reverence for this elegant and profound form of massage and his many years of dedicated experience is shared warmly and generously.

Adam Reeves – Brighton

The AYM course was one of the highlights for me staying in Goa. James is a great teacher who really knows what he’ s talking about. Focuses on the individual and creates an inspirational, fun and informative work space. I strongly recommend taking this course weather you want to improve your massage skills of are just a beginner looking to learn something new. It’ s a great experience and I’ m so happy i got involved.

Carmel Koster – Tallinn/London

James has a generous way of being able to transmit the teaching of this work, a way that feels like it’s really in you when you leave. Small bites and plenty of chewing to get the flavor. His knowledge of the body and the AYM system is complete, inspiring a genuine confidence in what he offers as a teacher of it.

Tom Truman – Newyork

The AYM work is incredibly powerful, and James is an expert teacher. It was informal yet rigorous, lighthearted yet profound.

David Frenk – Yoga Teacher – New York

James has such a deep knowledge of anatomy and technique, and his patient way of sharing the principles of AYM have been inspiring. I’m honored to practice this healing work.

AC Berkheiser – Yoga teacher – New York


A few months ago, and having no experience of massage courses, I attended the AYM L1 and L2 with Simon, James and Angie. Within a few days these amazing people managed to pass on enough knowledge and practical experience to allow me to give treatments with confidence, and receive enthusiastic feedback and recommendations from every single client. They are excellent at organising effective, hands-on sessions, and passing on lots of constructive, considerate feedback. Attending the courses has certainly shaped the course of my life, and I am wholeheartedly recommending them to anyone considering doing a massage course.

Despina- Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Diploma is without doubt the most important massage training that I have received to date. The massage incorporates deep tissue, stretching, awareness of breath and relaxation and therefore provides an effective and deep massage on many levels. I am grateful to Simon and James for bringing this massage training to the UK. Without them this massage would be almost inaccessible in this country. The training they offer is thorough, informative and supportive. Both Simon and James teach with enthusiasm, dedication, humour and compassion.

Naomi Newlan- Massage Therapist

James Winstanley’s massage technique is by far the most healing and regenerating method available. Everything else pales in comparison. I look forward to my treatments immensely and recommend him to my friends and clients all the time!

Natalia Rose – Author & Clincial Nutritionist


When I asked James to give me the Ayurvedic Yoga Treatment I had not had Physiotherapy for a while because I was traveling and had not been at home for several month. With a spinal cord injury at the C5 level ( Quadroplegia ) I approached the treatment cautiously. But I was pleasantly surprised to find James careful, intuitive medically very competent and knowledgeable and most of all able to adjust the treatment to the Need of his client — a fact which someone in my condition appreciates. Since I have had AYM Treatments in Europe and am sure that James is the best AYM Therapist one can get.

Dorothea Haditirto


Healing Hands

There are those who settle for doing their job by routine, and those who maintain their integrity and sense of purpose, and touch you to the core. James Winstanley – he’s like that. Touching you to the core, with healing hands.

I was fortunate to meet James Winstanley when I was randomly assigned to him at a high-end spa he was working at. It was a time in my life of great stress, and when I arrived at the decision to invest in a morning at this spa, I hoped for nothing more than a break for three precious hours. But from the moment my massage began, I could tell that something different was going on here. It was the first of many time since that I have been brought back closer to my self by James Winstanley’s healing hands. I don’t pretend to be a convert to the therapeutic Aruveydic practice that he personifies. But I do know that of all the things that help center my soul, a routine massage with James Winstanley centers both body & soul. And I can begin my life again. Centered and at peace. James is a gift.

Nancy Austin – Author

Since I opened Bikram Yoga Williamsburg in 2004, James has been “an essential part of the equation” for healing, balance, and spiritual renewal in my life. He has taken care many of my students and colleagues and has brought relief to us all – and we bless him for it! James has that rare combination of excellent technique and intuitive understanding, both serving a loving heart that holds a powerful intention to heal. I love that old phrase, “the proof is in the pudding”- such is the case with James’ work- it just works!

John Golterman – Bikram Yoga Studio Owner and Yoga Teacher